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farewell flash

Posted by GGMagenta - 11 days ago

I got really sad with the adobe flash news, waiting for the end, so in december 2020, i decided to record me replaying my old flash games for at least have a register of them. It was a interesting experience, i knew everything from my first flash game from 2009, didnt even nedded a walkthrough unlike some others, remembered other games that i had an idea and changed along the way, remembered some of my inspirations from other games i played, remembered my stange sense of humor from 10 years ago, remembered some people i collabed to make games, remembered lots of unfinished projects, and other good memories.

like many i had a dream to make your own games, it wasnt easy to publish them, i found clickteam's gamesfactory that only generated exe files, i found a brazilian forum to share the games but never made one. one day i found flash games and animations and a site dedicated for escape room games, i fell in love, only years after i found newgrounds. flash games was a good solution the way they spread to make people from all over the world play your game, make drawings, animations and code on a single place, use vector graphics to create shape tween and other cool effects and keep low file sizes.

never got the change to make a living from my games as i wanted, but i had a lot of fun making my games... i will miss flash, and im happy of how many people think the same way. none of my games are playable with ruffle, but at least i recorded some gameplay of them before get blocked on windows, i will still make videos about them telling my thoughs and other comments.

Goodbye Flash, thanks for everything : )



Comments (3)

It's actually not over, luckily there are still ways to play flash content :-)

found right after publish the post and read the news thread, its still a strange feeling now you need workarounds, but im happy most of the newgrounds content is still accessible

@HerbieG @GGMagenta Plus there's Bluemaxima Flashpoint, so you can play a lot of Flash games outside a browser, regardless of what Adobe plans to do to fuck it up.

Hopefully the day comes when your games work with Ruffle too though. :) For now at least there is the NG Player!